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評論 (101):

ShesHotBut 4 years ago
why does she have to yell! It's such a turn off. Would a guy even like if a girl was just yelling in his face like that the whole time (I'm a girl so I'm wondering)? Had to turn the volume down lol.
Teri 3 years ago
I’m not loud but when it comes to ass fucking I can’t help but make noise cause it hurts but in a crazy good way. Never had double penetration so I can only imagine how more intense and I can’t honestly say I would be quiet!!!
2 years ago
My wife when she was a little tipsy that her uncles talked her into giving them just a blow job when she started sucking them they pulled her shirt up and started playing with her tits, she knew then they were going to fuck her. They stripped her and took turns fucking her for a couple of hours until they both came in her pussy and ass.
Need a women like this 3 years ago
Need a women like this, knowing we both love it, seeing my ex filled air tight was so amazing
Grumpybiker 3 years ago
I think it very strange that they go down a number of stairs and wind up in a room with light coming in the windows!
Anonymous 3 years ago
What movie is this? I’d like to see that blonde get fucked
small pp energy 2 years ago
Sounds like them yoga videos from the 60's
2 years ago
Love to see that big dick between her fat cheeks!
3 years ago
who is the fucking hot blonde
Mikey 2 years ago
I Love her. She's a good girl